The Stroke Cargo Trike is Daga’s new mobility solution for Japan. It fits Japan’s legal definition of an electric-assisted bicycle, making ownership and use as easy as possible, and like other products designed with Japan in mind, the thinking necessary to make a product work in the world’s most demanding market makes the Stroke Cargo Trike special anywhere:

STROKE Cargo TrikeはDagaの日本における新しいモビリティの解決策です。誰でも簡単に乗れるように厳しい日本国内の自転車法規を満たし、結果的に他の国でも楽に使えるカーゴバイクを目指しています。

Compact: At only 1.9m long with a tread of less than 50cm, the Cargo Trike has a minimal footprint and is no wider than the handlebars of a conventional bicycle.


Rideable: Mid-mounted cargo space means that as you load it up, the centre of gravity just gets lower and more central. The tilting front wheels are always visible to the rider and the double steering linkage is direct and light. This thing is fun to ride!


Manoeuvrable: With a short wheelbase and ample steering angle, the Stroke Cargo Trike is easy to turn at low speed and steers smoothly into regular bicycle parking spaces.


Adaptable: The surround frame, design-registered in Japan, will be developed with custom attachment points for maximum luggage flexibility. Boxes, bags, custom-built cases – bolt them on, strap them down or suspend them, it is up to the user.

高い汎用性: 意匠登録出願中の特徴的なフレームは、各種アタッチメントにより大きな荷物の取り付けも可能です。ボックス、カバン、特別に作られたケースなどをボルトやストラップで留めたり、と使い方はユーザー次第です。

What you see here is the latest proof-of-concept prototype, the Daga concept frame and steering system adapted to use proprietary running gear. Road tests have proved that it is easy and fun to ride on flat terrain and steep hills. Now we are looking for partners to help us take the Cargo Trike to the next stage – final design prototypes and into production.


STROKE Cargo Trikeに関するお問合せ、ご質問などはこちらからご連絡ください。

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