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STROKE妄想企画(チャイルドシート編) STROKE Imagination Project

STROKE妄想企画 とは、あったらいいな的アイデアをイラスト・3DCG・ミニチュアモデルを駆使し、STROKE Cargo Trikeの世界観や可能性、今までにないカーゴバイクの魅力の提案を目的としたものです。
























STROKE Imagination Project – Child-Seat Edition

The STROKE Imagination Project is using illustrations, 3D CG and miniature models to present the outlook and possibilities of the STROKE Cargo Trike, not to mention the groundbreaking appeal of cargo bikes.

People who come to see us at test rides and exhibition soon tell us their ideas for STROKE. One of the things we hear most often is…

Wouldn’t it be great if we could use the Cargo Trike to carry children, too?!
When we see T3.7 and T4 at exhibitions, we wish we could show more versions, most of all one with a child seat!

We decided to simulate it with CG and models first, instead of immediately going full-size, using Fusion 360 software.

First ideas are vital, even ones that seem crazy, so it’s important to turn them into notes and illustrations before you get the chance to forget them.

Manga-type illustrations of daily scenes help to solidify the image.

Once the overall form was decided, we went straight to 3D modeling.

Here ‘tis!↓↓

Space for two children! v(^∀^)v

For safe riding, we aimed for a set-up weighing no more than 30kg in total. The CG mannikin is about 85cm tall: that would be about 2 years old.

With rear-facing seats, the children are protected from flying road debris…

…and parents can see them at all times on the move.  They are also protected by sturdy wrap-around seats and frames, and secured by a 3-point safety harness.

Better still, space for a shopping basket when either side is not being used as a child seat.

For determined shoppers! And excellent stability because of the low center of gravity.

The next step is to develop these ideas towards a final model, taking other shapes and mounting systems into consideration, then transfer those ideas to the full-size version as quick as possible! We can try out some of the ideas as scale models first, using 3D printing.

Miniature models of the original STROKE concept are now available. Why not join the Imagination Project by creating your own version?!

In Japan from DMM Creators Market:

Outside Japan from Shapeways: