China Cycle 2018 Pt.1

China Cycle is the world’s biggest bicycle show, held every year in Shanghai’s massive National Exhibition and Convention Center. This year it ran from the 6th to 9th May and was bigger than ever before, with more than 1,200 exhibitors and 160,000 visitors.

I was there for less than a day and here is Part 1 of my quick impressions of the show, focusing on an area of the market close to our hearts in the Daga team: three-wheelers and cargo vehicles, starting with the simplest:Super basic MTB-style with twin rear-wheel drive in clear-coated bare steel tube.

Vertical hub steer, no tilt and pedal drive, but a lot of trike for not much cargo.
Question: “What is it for?”
Answer: “Shopping.”

Another very basic trike with no tilt and basic steering. The front wheels are located with forks rather than stub axles but at least it has some useable cargo space.

“European-style” trike with kids’ box that pivots with the handlebars and solid front axle.

Another Euro-style trike with kids’ box, this time with a loop handlebar and gas-strut for self-centring.

Cargo e-trike from Luxmea. Very complex front suspension and steering with a self-standing tilt mechanism but vertical kingpins. How did they solve the tyre-scrub problem?

We are working hard to keep our cargo trike short and compact for Japan, but that is clearly not a problem in other countries:

Italy’s Benelli have take their own direction for cargo e-bikes, getting maximum cargo capacity from conventional bicycles with some heavy adaptation:

For different reasons, none of these solutions feels right for Japan. This is the gap that we want to fill with the Daga Stroke cargo trike: compact, powerful, adaptable, easy and fun to ride.

STROKE Cargo Trikeに関するお問合せ、ご質問などはこちらからご連絡ください。

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