Cargo Trike試作4号機(T4)

2017年から試作車を製作開始し、すべてオリジナルフレームになったSTROKE CargoTrike試作4号機。完成度としてはまだ70%位ですが、ようやく走行可能な状態まで来ました。今後は各部の調整後、バッチリ塗装して完成予定です。ここまで来るのが長かった!

STROKEカーゴトライク試作4号機_サイド 車体中央に低重心大型カーゴスペースを設置&前二輪構成にすることで、普通自転車枠の全長1.9mに収まるコンパクトなカーゴバイクに。





STROKEカーゴトライク試作4号機_走行シーン14号機から開発コンセプトは「Active Cargo Trike」




↓ サイクルガジェットTV様に4号機を紹介して頂きました! ↓

STROKE Cargo Trikeに関するお問合せ、ご質問などはこちらからご連絡ください。

Cargo Trike Prototype T4.0

Since 2017, the STROKE project has produced a series of prototypes; Cargo Trike Prototype T4.0 is the first with a completely original frame and running gear. It achieves about 70% of the final target, and there is still plenty of work to do on the various parts and subsystems, but is fully driveable. After the updates are completed, it will go for its final paint job. At last!

STROKEカーゴトライク試作4号機_サイド The twin front wheel configuration and central cargo space enable the Cargo Trike’s low centre of gravity and compact size, all within an overall length of 1.9m (less than 6¼ft).

STROKEカーゴトライク試作4号機_フロントThe “surround” frame offers completely new cargo options, including a combination of conventional and suspended loads. New carriers and accessories for the modular mounting holes around the frame are also under development.

STROKEカーゴトライク試作4号機_リアFunctional and stylish design for a new cargo-carrying lifestyle.

STROKEカーゴトライク試作4号機_ハンドル周りThe unique control layouts of power-assist e-bikes seem full of possibilities.

STROKEカーゴトライク試作4号機_ドライブユニットPowerful electric motor assist and clean, simple belt-drive are made for each other: smooth and quiet with minimum power loss.

STROKEカーゴトライク試作4号機_走行シーン1Development of T4.0 has been based on the tagline “Active Cargo Trike” from the beginning. The riding feeling is effortless with no impression of load-carrying.

STROKEカーゴトライク試作4号機_走行シーン2A low centre of gravity with power assist for a smooth start every time.

STROKEカーゴトライク試作4号機_試作3.7号機T4.0 together with T3.7: despite a somewhat similar appearance, the style and riding feeling are completely different.

So you can judge the difference for yourself, we will be holding group test rides. Please join us if you can!


Please contact us here if you need more information about STROKE Cargo Trike.

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