サイクルモードインターナショナル2019 (Cycle Mode 2019)















Cycle Mode International 2019

By another near miracle, we were able to exhibit again at Cycle Mode 2019!!

It was a last-minute decision, so preparation was completed by sheer momentum.


The venue layout was the same as in 2018, and once again we had no time for a good look around the rest of the show.

Because things were decided in a hurry, preparation of our small exhibition space was a last-minute rush the previous night. Luckily, the booth was in a stand-out spot next to Pinarello in front of the entrance.

(No booth lighting on the first day, so it looked a bit dark!)

We exhibited T4 alongside last year’s T3.7 so visitors could compare them, which was pretty cool. The stylish T4 was very popular but the rugged look of T3.7 also had its fans.

There was little evidence of other cargo bikes at the show, so the STROKE still felt unique. We had repeat visitors from 2018 and it’s great to see the increasing recognition of the STROKE project.

Hello! On Day One it was nice to get a visit from motorcycle personality Hiromi Toki!!

This year we were also able to offer test rides. However, the STROKE was treated as a special vehicle, so we were limited to the backyard test area away from the main test course.

With only one up-to-date prototype, exhibiting and offering test rides at the same time was difficult. It would be nice to have more than one prototype… more like 5, actually.

With electric assist and the 3-wheel layout, it has a slightly different riding feel from a bicycle but less than five minutes is all you need to get used to it.

The important thing is to forget the idea that 3 wheels will stop it from tipping over!!

Even on such a narrow test course, people were soon riding smoothly.

This year’s “booth” was basically a wall, so our visitors were able to leave messages of support and requests for the future.

Roll of drums…


All these contributions have given us huge motivation to get the Trike into production. After everything was over at Cycle Mode, we wished we could take this wall back to the office with us!! Thank you to everyone for coming to see us!

On schedule for mass-production in 2020!!

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