Cargo Trike試作5号機(T5) – Prototype #5 (T5)

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新型コロナや世界的な自転車用部品不足等の影響もあり、完成が大幅に遅れていましたSTREEK Cargo Trike試作5号機。前作4号機のウィークポイント改善を中心に各所スタイリングもブラッシュアップし、量産イメージにかなり近づいてきました。カラーリングも4号機のシャープなブルーペイントから一転、ツーリングを意識したアースカラーへ変身です。








Cargo Trike Prototype #5 (T5)

The completion of STREEK Cargo Trike Prototype No. 5 was significantly delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting global shortage of bicycle parts. The styling has been improved in various areas, focusing on improving the weak points of the previous model, T4, and is now much closer to the mass-production version. The coloring has also changed from the vivid blue of T4 to an earth color better matched to touring use.

The use of accent colors on the lower carriers expresses a wide, low center of gravity. Although the length is unchanged from T4, T5 looks longer, perhaps due to the slightly lower and more compact overall appearance.

In this photo, four 10-liter pannier bags and a 30-liter trunk box are installed – using a bit of ingenuity, it would be possible to load more. It would be great to go camping camping by bike without worrying too much about the size and quantity of luggage.

The load-bed features an add-on multi-carrier. Different types of carrier can be attached depending on the requirements of the user.

Although it looks long, the overall length is within the legally specified (in Japan) bicycle size of 1.9m and also, of course, the width is less than 60 cm! The drive unit is by Nidec, one of the most powerful motors in Japan.

Starting with T4, STREEK has featured upper and lower two-stage multi-carriers with multiple functions. The upper carrier is removable.

We also made a prototype of a child seat adapter to test whether STREEK could be ridden with a small child on board.

Father and son look pretty happy! And this set-up is extra conspicuous 😄!! This configuration was not originally designed in, so there are space limitations, but a free-standing trike is far more secure than a standard Japanese child-carrying bicycle. Although STREEK is basically intended for luggage, delivery, etc., we want to continue to explore other possibilities including child-seats. Tests and trial rides will continue with the T5 model to expand the potential of the mass-production model.


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