New Cargo Style





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New Cargo Style


This is the STROKE electric assist trike, proposing a new cargo-carrying mobility lifestyle for Japan. Its compact dimensions fit Japan’s pedal-powered vehicle size regulations but the large capacity cargo space offers unexpected new functions.

Pedal assist from its electric motor gives excellent road feel, plus power for the adaptable and highly customizable loop frame cargo space. Twin front wheels lower the center of gravity and enable self-standing. The only limit on enjoying the STROKE Cargo Trike is the imagination of the user:  it can be a business partner for delivery or mobile sales, a versatile tool for everyday life or a load-carrying companion for sports and outdoor activities like camping or fishing. It’s up to you.

Pedal-powered vehicles, with no need for a driving licence or helmet, are the simplest and most obvious mobility solution for Japan. Breaking through the boundaries and limitations of conventional bicycles, the Stroke Cargo Trike is an exciting new mobility lifestyle choice.

Please contact us here if you need more information about STROKE Cargo Trike.

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