Information: 5号機只今製作中

今年も出展Bicycle City Expo2019(1)

ギリギリ展示車両も間に合い、Bicycle City Expo2019の展示準備へ。昨年同様ブースデザイン、素材準備、搬入出、設営すべて自分達の手作業です(笑)













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We’re back at Bicycle City Expo, 2019 (1)

The T4.0 prototype is ready with no time to spare, so now it is time to finish preparations for Bicycle City Expo 2019. Like last year, everything is our own work: display design, manufacture, transport and set-up!

We had no time for mistakes so, once again, the booth was mocked-up and checked in miniature before ordering the materials. A simple but bold design but, even with experience from previous exhibitions, it is still tough to get each job done smoothly in the right order.

ミニチュアブースで検討A bold yellow colour scheme and embedded monitor to make a splash.

今年の該当ブース。デッドスペース広すぎ。We arrived to find an empty booth with only the carpet fitted. This is where we find out the value of preparation.


事前に準備したパネルを組み立てLike last year, help with setting up from our suppliers saved the day.


ブース組立完了Work on the surrounding booths had already finished, but we were heading into overtime…

最後にPVのチェックLast job: checking the video in the cargo space of the wall display.

完成した4号機Fully dressed T4.0 prototype with a touring image this time.
The wild look of the bare aluminium frame matches it well.

作業終了!お疲れ様!Finished and ready!


From zero to a finished prototype and exhibition stand in just two months! It seems miraculous – now all that remains is looking forward to tomorrow’s show!!

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